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dog pantingVeterinarian owned practices are the backbone of quality veterinary medicine in Ontario. However powerful interest groups outside our profession are encroaching on our profession. The interests of the veterinary practice owner are in danger of being under-represented in Ontario. The economic and medical well being of our practices and the communities in which they operate is being jeopardized. VPOA is the only voice in Ontario solely focused on the veterinary practice owner.

We’re working with:

  • OVMA to establish generally accepted guidelines and standards for veterinarians that are clearly defined and maintain a level playing field between all veterinary providers, simplifying record keeping, and enhancing quality of care without increasing cost to the veterinarians.
  • CVO to increase understanding of the realities of veterinary practice and to help them protect the public by having practical quality standards for veterinary professionals.
  • Animal Shelters/ OSPCA to leave the practice of veterinary medicine in the hands of veterinary professionals. We support means based discount for the less fortunate.
  • OVC/ VSTEP to ensure practically trained veterinary associates.
  • Media/ CVMA to increase the public understanding of the role and value of veterinarians in today’s society.
  • Referral Centres to ensure the primary caregiver (rDVM) stays the vital link between patient and owner.
  • Suppliers and Industry to achieve fair pricing for non-corporate private practices.
  • Suppliers of RX foods to ensure they adequately support veterinarians providing nutritional products.
  • Suppliers of goods and services to Veterinary Practices for group rates.

Our strength comes from numbers! In order to be a strong voice, we need many members. We need YOUR help!

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