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Veterinary Practice Owners are Facing Challenges for

Which They Don’t Have a Solution

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2016 Survey of Veterinary Practice Owners

A 2016 Survey of Veterinary Practice Owners showed how Ontario’s veterinary industry is facing a faster pace of change and more challenges than ever before. In the past ten years expenses and salaries in veterinary practices have increased while profitability has suffered. Veterinary practice owners throughout the province kept absorbing the shortfall and now are feeling the squeeze from increased regulations, new competition, non-veterinary entities and under-representation in the traditional veterinary organizations, including:

  • Increased regulatory burden
  • A need for greater clarity and more uniform interpretation of practice standards
  • Increased competition from non-veterinary providers
  • Concerns that low-cost providers may practice below acceptable standards
  • Encroachment from non-veterinary charities
  • A need for more practice relevant education of new veterinary graduates
  • A need for more thorough validation of internationally trained colleagues

The Veterinary Practice Owners Association is a membership driven advocacy group representing our vision for sustainable quality and delivery of veterinary services. We are taking action and lobby the relevant groups to work with us, ensuring our profession will be better and the practice of veterinary medicine will be improved.



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