Who does the OVMA look out for the individual practice owner or the associate?

Why does the OVMA routinely publish economic data that mostly benefits the associate veterinarian? The OVMA Focus magazine regularly publishes data called the veterinary activity index and the help wanted index. This information generally benefits associates by letting them know the economic growth of practices and the supply and demand of veterinarians. In the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Focus, Darren Osborne remarks, “for practice owners hiring an associate is going to feel like buying a house in Toronto.”. Who does this empower the associate or the practice owner? In that same issue of Focus there is an article by Chris Doherty titled, The Secret to Making to Six Figures as an associate. On one hand the OVMA is telling practice owners to cut costs and control wages and the other hand they are encouraging associates to demand more wages from practice owners. How can we expect any objectivity if the OVMA represents associates and practice owners?

Which is it strongly opposes or has serious concerns?

Recently in the OVMA January 13th, 2017 newshound email there was a statement regarding the proposed accreditation model that stated the following;

OVMA strongly opposes the proposed shift from a five-year accreditation timeline to a three-year cycle. CVO has not made a compelling case for such a change, and the associated increase in costs would ultimately have to be passed along to veterinary clients.

However, if you read the OVMA letter to the CVO it reads as follows;

However, the Board has serious concerns regarding the proposed inspection intervals…

When talking to its members the OVMA strongly opposes the new model but when talking to the CVO they have serious concerns. This duplicity is not in the interest of practice owners and is disingenuous. The CVO is continually increasing its mandate over veterinarians. The OVMA must be strongly against these new mandate changes and it must be reflected strongly in its responses to the CVO.

Why can’t we easily contact our OVMA board of directors?

Like the CVO the contact information of our elected OVMA board representatives is not on their website. However at least the OVMA list gives the location of its board members. Practice owners must insist the OVMA post the contact information of its board of directors on its website. The board must be easily contacted so that the board can voice our concerns and not just follow the direction of the staff.

Sunshine list?

In the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Focus there is a Sunshine list of associate veterinarians. The OVMA knows how much the average veterinarian and practice owner earns yet we don’t know anything about what the staff at the OVMA earns. There is a budget of 1.5 million for wages and benefits at the OVMA. Since the OVMA is for and by veterinarians shouldn’t we know what the staff are being paid. Why is Mr. Raven’s salary a secret?

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